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A Product That Stands Apart

Arm Function Rehabilitation in Your Own Home

Clinical studies have demonstrated that Tailwind improves arm mobility permanently for patients who have lost upper extremity function due to stroke, and other brain injuries such as tumors, traumatic brain injury and cerebral palsy. Read the whitepaper on the product development process behind the Tailwind.

Tailwind has revolutionized the technology of physical therapy. Developed by Ph.D.-degreed researchers at the University of Maryland Medical School, Tailwind’s unique, portable design allows patients to rehabilitate arm movement in the privacy and comfort of their homes.

"I've almost always worked with my hands...For the past decade, I've been a massage therapist. Using Tailwind helped me regain use of my fine arm control and helped me so much with my motion,"
—Debora, a stroke survivor and Tailwind user

How Tailwind Therapy Works

Seated at a table, the user moves two handles along resistance-free tracks, to the rhythm of an auditory cue. After repeated exercise sessions, the user will be able to move his affected arm farther and farther out along the track. The Tailwind utilizes a "sound-to-brain" neural pathway retraining method to help survivors of partial paralysis achieve life-altering results.

If you’re frustrated with the lack of results from traditional therapy methods or you just haven’t achieved the range of motion you hoped for, it’s time to try Tailwind and improve your quality of life.

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