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How To Order Tailwind

Take a few minutes to call us at (410) 635-1203 or contact us using this form to take back your life with Tailwind. The Tailwind is sold direct from our factory in Maryland or through authorized sales representatives in some states. The Tailwind comes with a money-back guarantee—if you are not happy with your Tailwind for any reason, we will refund your money. Tailwind pricing is based on the model you order—please call or fill out this form for our most up-to-date pricing information.

The Tailwind can be shipped anywhere in the world. In the US, we ship via UPS every single week. The Tailwind usually arrives within 3-5 days after shipping. It comes completely assembled—just open the box, watch the DVD, and start improving your arm movement!

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To order Tailwind, call (410) 635-1203.

Payment Options

Please call (410) 635-1203 for current pricing information. If outside the US, please call (410) 635-1203. Encore Path offers these payment options:

  1. Cash or check
  2. Credit card (American Express, Mastercard, Discover, Visa)
  3. Layaway (details here)
  4. Product Financing Through American Benefit Credit
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The leading low cost, in home, clinically proven treatment on the market.

The Tailwind is a Bilateral Arm Trainer with Rhythmic Auditory Cueing, or BATRAC. It works by helping the brain to move the arms after a stroke or other brain injury. For more information about the science behind the Tailwind, please read about the clinical trials here.

The Tailwind is a completely mechanical device. It does not need to be plugged in. The device can be used at home, and does not require specialized training or the presence of a physical therapist. A caregiver or family member can set up the device, and the user can do the exercise unaided.

The exercise is easy to do. After the Tailwind is set up on any table or countertop, the user sits in front of the device, turns on a metronome to create an auditory cue, grasps the handles, and attempts to move them along a frictionless track to reach an end point. The combination of the repetitive exercise, the bilateral nature of the exercise, and the auditory cueing, helps to improve arm movement and range of motion. The recommended training is three times per week, 30 minutes per session, but users can work out more often if they wish.

Progress can be measured in a number of ways. The device enables users to measure the number of repetitions, the length of their arm movement, the height of the tracks, and the width of their shoulder movement. In addition, the training manual includes a number of functional measurements, so users can see how they are progressing with everyday tasks. A training log is included with the manual so users can track their training sessions.

The entire training sequence is also demonstrated on the included DVD. The DVD also includes a demonstration of unpacking the device from the shipping box, set up on a table top, and initial positioning.  Instructions are also given for storage and cleaning of the Tailwind. The Tailwind also comes with a soft strap that can be used to strap a user’s hand to the handle if preferred.

Tailwind Specifications, Model A109

Download Specification Sheet in PDF

Elevation Range - Tracks 0 to 70 degrees in 10 degree steps
Rotation Range - Tracks 0 to 60 degrees from center in 15 degree steps
Dimensions H: 7.25 inches (18.4 cm)
L: 34 inches (86.4 cm)
W: 26 inches (66 cm)
Weight 22.4 lbs (10.16 kg)
Color Silver
Handle Type T-bar, black matte
Measuring Features Number of repetitions on counters; measures inscribed on tracks; beats per minute of metronome

Tailwind Accessories

Need a table for your Tailwind? You can order this table directly from the manufacturer. It is easy to use and comes with locking casters, so you can roll the table out of the way after exercising. For details see: