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Our Self Test

Is Tailwind™ Right for Me?

The Tailwind is an exercise device for stroke survivors who want to improve the arm function and range of motion they have lost. But just like any other program, it doesn’t work for everyone and so we want to be sure that Tailwind will work for you. We have found that the most important questions to ask are:
  1. Do you have some movement at your shoulder?
  2. Starting with your affected (weaker) arm at your side, can you swing your arm forward 3 inches from the shoulder?
If you can answer “yes” to these questions, Tailwind could help you improve your arm movement.

As with any exercise program, ask your healthcare professional to make sure that you are ready for a home exercise program. If you have a frozen shoulder or have pain in your shoulder, your healthcare professional can show you some simple stretches to do before using Tailwind.

Most people will use Tailwind seated at a table, so be sure you can sit upright for 30 minutes a day without losing balance. And since it will take several weeks to start seeing results, make sure you’re ready to commit to the Tailwind exercise program.

If you are prepared to focus on improving your arm movement, you are ready for Tailwind!

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