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Often, we don’t truly appreciate arm mobility until we lose it. Restoring ability and regaining arm strength through exercise are crucial to recapturing independence and peace of mind.

The Tailwind is an arm rehabilitation exercise device that has been shown in scientific studies to improve arm function and range of motion in people with partial paralysis. It requires no installation or technical expertise. Developed by researchers at the University of Maryland Medical School, Tailwind can help you or someone you love regain lost arm function after stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, and other brain injuries. With The Tailwind arm exercise device stroke survivors and others can recover the life they thought was lost forever .

Tailwind Arm Exercise EquipmentWhile The Tailwind is appropriate for adults of all ages, seniors especially appreciate its simplicity and effectiveness, which brings the mechanics of high tech to a straight-forward arm rehab exercise device which does one thing well: provide the bilateral arm movement and repetition needed to realize arm recovery and improvement. There are no computers to program or complex equipment to install. You can enjoy the benefits arm paralysis recovery while sitting at home at your kitchen table!